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上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD

  • 补丁类型:游戏MOD
  • 整理时间:2018-01-26
  • 大小:125.82MB
  • 补丁制作:Mihail Romanov
  • 补丁语言:英文
  • 版本:v1.0


上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD,由“Nexusmods - Mihail Romanov”制作,不知道什么时候天际也爆发了一种叫做Corprus的病毒,感染者会获得超常的体能、耐力,并且持续承受腐烂的痛苦,极具攻击性,本站提供上古卷轴5Corprus感染者怪物MOD,需要的玩家不要错过哦!



This mod adds 9 variants (evolutions) of dunmer afflicted by the extremely dangerous and incurable Corprus Disease. They are completely immune to age and disease, have super-human strenght, endurance and stamina, but live in madness and constant physical and mental pain.


Corprus is spread by the Ashstorms and can be considered a deadlier version of (if not a relative to) the Blight, as both were created by Dagoth Ur and are spread in the same fashion, via the Ashstorms, and can also be contracted from Corprus-afflicted individuals. It also allows the sufferer to become susceptible to Dagoth Ur's dream messages (referred to by Morrowind denizens as "Soul Sickness"), which could possibly lead the victim to joining the Sixth House Cult.Corprus is called "the Divine Disease" by members of House Dagoth, as they believe it to be the evolution of the Dunmer race, bringing them unity and immortality, and protecting them from all outside influences, mainly the Empire. In the Seven Trials of the Nerevarine, it is also referred to as the "Curse-of-Flesh."A magical barrier, the Ghostfence, was created by Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, for the purpose of containing the Blight and Corprus disease within the Red Mountain region. However, as the barrier slowly began to weaken, the Blight epidemic spread outside the Ghostfence, and both it and Corprus spread throughout many places in Morrowind. Tel Fyr also had a Corprusarium, where the victims of Corprus have found refuge and lived out the remainder of their lives in relative peace. It is possible that they seem to keep at least some sort of awareness of themselves.After infection, the disease follows one of two paths. Symptoms generally include a number of cancerous growths and, in the diseases' later stages, violent insanity; those in the late stages of the disease become stronger and are referred to as Corprus Stalkers. Some, whose growths are more debilitating, are called Lame Corprus Beasts. Corprus is considered incurable by the inhabitants of Morrowind.Divayth Fyr, a 4000-year old wizard working to uncover the nature of the disease and create a cure, has a theory that corprus is in fact not a disease, but rather a divine blessing that most mortals can't handle, pointing to the fact that the victims are completely immune to other diseases and don't age, also have inmense strenght, stamina and endurance.After the defeat of Dagoth Ur, corprus remained as a extremely contagious disease but much more rare them before, since the only way of cantagious is now to get in contact with corprus victims. But, more than 100 hundred years after the fall of dagoth ur, the shadow os Dagoth returned, and started again to spread the corprus, what increased the number of victims, but not at the point to get full attention of the great houses, specially cus they need now to deal with ash spawns, troubles with argonians and the eruption of red mountain, what almost destroyed all Vvardenfell. Also is still not proved that Dagoth indeed returned, the great house think that probably there is only some little number of sixth house followers trying to recreate their house, but that do not represent any real danger.The eruption also destroyed the corprusarium, but Divayth managed to survive and created a new one on New Tel-Fyr, on the coast close to Tel-Mithryn, on Solstheim, in order to find a cure and to destroy once and for all the shadow of Dagoth Ur (that he discovered is returning to Nirn cus the advice of Hermaeus Mora), and that is the story of my quest mod The Corprusarium of Solstheim.In the second part of that saga you will travel to a small island of morrowind close to necrom and mournhold, to defeat the shadow of Dagoth Ur once and for all.

corprus由ashstorms传播,可以被认为是一个致命的版本(如果不是相对)的病,都是由Dagoth Ur创造的,以同样的方式传播,通过ashstorms,也可以由承包corprus折磨的人。这也让患者更容易受到Dagoth Ur的梦的消息(由晨风里为“灵魂病”),这可能导致受害者加入第六宫的崇拜。corprus称为“神圣的疾病”的房子达格斯的成员,因为他们相信这是黑暗精灵的种族进化,使他们团结和不朽,并保护他们免受所有外界的影响,主要是恩派尔。在Nerevarine七项试验中,它也被称为肉的“诅咒”。一个魔法屏障,这ghostfence,是由Vivec、Almalexia和索塔SIL,对红山区内含有疫病和corprus疾病的目的。然而,作为屏障开始慢慢减弱,在ghostfence的疫病传播,以及它与corprus遍布在晨风的许多地方。Tel Fyr也有一个corprusarium,在Corprus的灾民避难,度过余下的生命在相对和平。他们可能至少对自己有某种认识。症状通常包括一些癌细胞的生长,在疾病的后期阶段,暴力的疯狂;那些在疾病的后期阶段越来越被称为corprus潜行者。一些,其生长更衰弱,被称为“跛脚corprus野兽。corprus由晨风的居民认为是不治之症。Divayth Fyr,一个4000岁的向导的工作揭示疾病的本质和创造一个治愈,有一个理论,corprus其实不是病,而是一种神圣的祝福,大多数人不能处理,并指出受害者完全免疫其他疾病和不老,也有巨大的力量,体力和耐力。Dagoth Ur失败后,corprus仍然是一个极为传染性疾病,但更少见他们之前,自蔓延的唯一方法就是现在去和corprus受害者接触。但是,超过1万的达格斯乌尔陷落后年,影子OS达格斯返回,并再次开始传播corprus,所增加的遇难人数,但没有点到大房子的充分重视,特别是因为他们现在需要处理灰产卵,与亚龙和红山喷发的烦恼,几乎摧毁了所有瓦丹费尔。也还没有证明Dagoth确实回来了,大家认为可能只有一些小一些的第六宫的追随者试图重建他们的房子,但那不代表任何真正的危险,也破坏了corprusarium喷发,但Divayth设法生存,创造了新的电话提供一个新的,对海岸靠近Solstheim电话mithryn,,为了找到治愈和消灭一旦和所有Dagoth Ur的影子(他发现了回到他因为Hermaeus Mora的建议),这是我的追求corprusarium MOD Solstheim的故事。在这个故事的第二部分你将前往一个小岛晨风靠近necrom和mournhold,打败Dagoth的影子你一次又一次。

Well, Corprus Victims are still kinda rare, you can see rarely some close to morrowind frontiers hidding on ruins, and in some dark caves of Solstheim, victims that have ran from the Corprusarium.The only big group lives secretly on Coldcinder Cave, and Raven Rock people seems to do not know their existence.Corprus Stalkers can take various forms on the advanced stages of the disease, you can find Infant Corprus, that are child corprus stalkers, regular corprus stalkers, corprus chargers that are stalkers transforming in lame corprus, corprus pukers that have big tumors inside their stomachs what makes them puke constantly on themselves and in all around, corprus sorcerers that are mages who contracted corprus, corprus ghouls that are stalkers that gone completely insane but without the big tumor growths of the lame corprus, and the corprus hunters who are the extremely dangerous evolution of some corprus ghouls, and that are completely irrational in that stage. Lame Corprus seems to retain some sentience, but are insane and have the big tumor growths and are competely deformed, also have red color cus the swelling of their blood vessels, and the Corprus Abomination are the evolved variant of them, yet more deformed, strong and dangerous.

嗯,corprus受害者仍然是很罕见的,你可以看到很少一些晨风的前沿隐藏废墟上的接近,并在Solstheim一些黑暗的洞穴,有跑的corprusarium受害者。唯一的大集团暗中对coldcinder洞穴生活,和乌鸦岩的人似乎不知道他们的存在。corprus潜行者可以各种形式的高级阶段的疾病,你可以找到婴儿corprus,是孩子corprus追踪,定期corprus潜行者,corprus充电器,潜行者在蹩脚的corprus转化,corprus pukers,有大的肿瘤在他们的胃是什么使他们呕吐不断对自己和周围的一切,corprus术士,法师谁承包corprus,corprus食尸鬼,实达物,彻底的疯狂了但没有瘸腿的corprus大肿瘤生长和corprus猎人一些corprus食尸鬼的极其危险的演变,这是完全不合理的,阶段。瘸腿的corprus似乎保留一些感觉,但都很疯狂,有大的肿瘤生长和完全变形,也有红色,因为他们的血管肿胀,和corprus憎恶是进化的变种人,但更多的变形,强大的和危险的。

They all live in constant and ethernal pain and mental suffering.


You can not contract Corprus from them (cus gameplay mechanics), just Black Heart Blight (on my corprusarium quest you contract corprus).


9 new respawnable corprus victims variants

9新respawnable corprus受害者的变种

Corprus Stalker


Corprus Charger


Corprus Puker

corprus 呕吐怪

Corprus Sorcerer


Infant Corprus


Corprus Ghoul


Corprus Hunter


Lame Corprus


Corprus Abomination


custom loot (corprus meat and corprus weepings), behaviour and sounds (each variant have unique sounds)


new disease - Black Heart Blight


more morrowind related creatures and lore and events for the empty vanilla Solstheim

更多相关的生物知识和事件和晨风的空vanilla Solstheim















上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD

上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD

上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD

上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD

上古卷轴5 Corprus感染者怪物MOD



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  • 发行:Bethesda Game Studios
  • 发售:2016-10-28
  • 开发:Bethesda Softworks
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